Study Guitar Building With FredFred with Harp-Sympitar, showing bracing

My approach to musical instrument building, combining traditional techniques with an artist's vision of each instrument as an individual piece of visual, tactile and acoustic sculpture, is quite unique in the world of lutherie. Technically, my work, especially with guitars and guitar-like instruments, has its basis in traditional Spanish guitar-building. I have continued refining and adapting these simple, elegant methods for over 30 years, to accommodate my original, one-of-a-kind designs and the unique custom work I'm known for.


2007 Schedule

Currently no classes scheduled at the Beyond The Trees studio in Santa Cruz. I encourage you to catch up with me at one of the following events:


Private consultations are available on an hourly or daily basis, and can cover any aspect of my work. Contact me with your specific needs for information on cost, accommodations and so on.

Coming at some point, so stay tuned:

Online lessons in Creative Lutherie! We're in the very preliminary stages of figuring out how to do internet classes using Skype or some similar conferencing technology. We envision a combination of demonstration/instruction on DVD and real-time video-classes over the internet. Drop us a note if you're interested so we can start to develop a list of possible students, and check back here occasionally to see if and when we get this happening.


Look for me in the summer of 2008 at the Guild of American Luthiers Convention; it's always a blast. If you're not a member, join now, and come join the fun next time around. Click here to join.


Check back to this page periodically for updates on these and other opportunities to study with Fred.

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