Getting an Instrument From Me

I am now occasionally taking custom orders, depending on the instrument in question and my current workload. At this writing (September, 2017), my primary interest is in banjo-influenced designs using a stretched skin as the "sound-board" and with a back or shell that is cast from recycled materials and painted (see The Tibetan Tiger for one example of this). I am currently not keeping a waiting list beyond one or two instruments, but I'm always interested in people's instrument ideas and dreams, and I remain open to considering a wide range of possibilities. Please contact me (see contact information below) if you have an instrument project that you think I might be the right person for, and we can talk about it.

I always hope and intend to have occasional instruments available for immediate purchase; working primarily on a custom-order basis for many years, I've never been able to maintain an inventory of instruments; they are usually sold before they're finished being built. When I do have instruments available, they will appear on my for sale page so do check there, and feel free to contact me.


Fred Carlson, Beyond The Trees
2026 Back Ranch Road
Santa Cruz, CA 95060


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