I am currently phasing out most custom orders, in favor of building primarily from my own well of creativity and ideas. I am currently not building Dreadnautilus guitars on order. I am also not building any traditional guitar models or replicating any of my earlier designs at this time, so as to be able to devote my often limited energies to following my own creative inspiration. I do welcome inquiries regarding unusual instruments, and instruments in which the client is willing to allow me to follow my creative inspiration in design and construction. For this kind of work I don't have a standard set of prices. Each instrument is priced individually, and custom order quotes are estimated using a basic starting price for a particular type of instrument, adding on any custom details, special materials, etc.

I'm currently not accepting downpayment for instruments in advance of construction. An approximate 30% of the estimated total cost will reserve an instrument (under construction or finished) for a client.

It may be possible to arrange to have a finished instrument shipped to a client "on approval"; that is, paid for in full, in advance of shipping, with the option of returning the instrument if not satisfied, for a refund of price paid minus any shipping expenses and cost of any repairs necessitated by damage occuring while the client was in possession of the instrument.

Waiting Time

As of September, 2003, approximate waiting time from ordering to completion is difficult to predict. Due to a backlog of orders, I am currently not taking new commissions, except where the project is extremely compelling to me, and in line with my creative direction. Instead, I will keep a list of interested persons, dated as I receive them. I do sometimes have new or used instruments available for sale; check out my for sale page.

NOTE: If you are someone who has corresponded with me in the past regarding being put on my "waiting list" for an instrument (or if you want to learn more about how you might possibily get me to build you an instrument), please READ THIS.

To receive more information, get on the "wanting list", get photos or details of specific instruments, or talk with me about ordering an instrument, contact:

Fred Carlson, Beyond The Trees
2026 Back Ranch Road
Santa Cruz, CA 95060



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