A few Examples of my work. Click on the thumbnails to see the fine details.

"Cumulous" is a wonderful example of how well a collaboration of customer and builder can work. My job was to take my customers' ideas and form them into a design that worked for both of us. We went wood hunting together, and found the perfect pieces of koa and western red cedar.

"Pinwheel" is a playful variation on the somewhat more conservative "Cumulous". Much of the design is based on curves that are all sections of the same diameter circle. The white stripe in the top is a natural feature of this piece of mountain grown western red cedar.

A small, assymetrical 12-string built from Sitka spruce and Vermont cherry. I built this little guy in the early '80s, and sold it to a young jazz guitarist I met at a music camp. I'd love to know where it is now, and what it's life has been like!

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