Welcome to the Beyond The Trees Instrument Gallery

This section of the website is an ongoing work-in-progress. I hope to eventually have many of the instruments I've built represented here, in words and pictures, and will continue to add new instruments as they are born (and time allows).

Each instrument in the gallery is represented here by a small picture with links to a text page and a photo page.

The text page has a description of the instrument, a bit of history and any details I think might be interesting or important (the tuning of extra strings, for instance). There are a few small photos to add visual interest, but not so many as to make it load too slowly for those of us with pokey dial-up connections.

The photo page is just that: photos. There are no descriptions here; the idea is to have an uncluttered look at the instrument. Most photo pages have a half dozen or so pictures; a set that shows front, back and details. I've tried to size these so the download time is reasonable.

At the bottoms of each page there will be a link back here as well as links to the associated text or photo page, a page of construction information, the website homepage and other relevant places.

Most of the photographs in the gallery were taken by my dear friend and fine photographer, Alan Porter. Others, especially the shots documenting construction were taken by myself, friends or clients. Feel free to print yourself copies of pictures you like, for your own personal use and enjoyment. If you would like to use a photograph for some purpose other than personal, or would like photos for publication, please contact me.

Many thanks to all who have contributed to make this possible!




Tibetan Tiger

Harpo-Banjitar #2

(The Mutarjo)






a baritone Harp-Sympitar

photos text



The New Dream

39-string Harp-Sympitar

photos text


BIG RED 38-string Harp-Sympitar photos text


The Barikotophotos text baritone nylon-string harp guitar

Star Traveler:

An 18-string Sympitar




The Flying Dream:

A 39-string Harp-Sympitar

Photos Text

The Harpouditar:

A 26-string classical guitar/oud/harp

Photos Text


24-string Harp-Sympitar

Photos Text


12-string with two added sub-bass strings

Photos Text

 Child of Grace :

6-string acoustic steel-string guitar ("Pinwheel" design)

Photos Text

 The H'arpeggione:

18-string 'cello-Sympitar



 Bubbles, the Five-Element Sympitar:

18-string Sympitar with fanned frets. Quilted maple and salvaged redwood

Photos Text

 The Om Sympitar:

18-string Sympitar of spruce and rosewood with abalone binding

Photos Text

 The Guitarangi da Gamba:

30-strings include 6 to bow or pluck, 10 sympathetics, 14 harp-sympathetics Photos Text

 Double-neck "classical" guitar:

6-string classical neck and 6-string long scale nylon strung bass neck

Photos Text

 The 'Jomama: wild banjo sculpture